OT Timber Frames: Our Mission and Vision

OT Timber Frames is a custom handcrafted timber frame manufacturer and fabricator of sustainable timber frame solutions.

Using intricate, fine detailed joinery with top quality raw materials, our product is recognized for its artisanship and craftsmanship. We are knowledgeable and practised in the entire building process and are highly effective working with other project professionals, architects, designers, sub-trades, and clients.  We can be relied upon to deliver the client’s order to the client’s specifications on time and on budget while our design process and creative timber solutions enhance any build.

OT Timber Frames completes projects with keen attention to detail, delivering an accurate handcrafted timber system with solid joinery applications that will stand the test of time.  We not only specialize in full timber frame structures and hybrid builds, but also offer timber frame accents, pre-fabricated wall systems, custom finishing, and project management.

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