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OT Timber Frames offers rewarding career opportunities to men and women who are passionate about working with wood. Check out our current job offerings and contact us to discuss how working with OT Timber Frames may be the future you have been looking for.

Job Postings

Timber Framer/Carpenter

OT Timber Frames is looking for a highly professional, detail oriented timber framer/carpenter to join our team. The successful candidate will be required to perform a variety of timber frame and general carpentry tasks in a shop setting as well as on job site settings. 

This position requires the successful applicant to be a journeyperson (or equivalent) carpenter/timber framer and have a minimum of 5 years of experience working in timber framing and general carpentry.

The successful applicant must be able to demonstrate basic math and geometry skills, have knowledge of hand and power tools, equipment, and materials relating to timber framing and carpentry.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Layout, fabrication, finish and erection of timber frames.
  • Reads and interpret blueprints, drawings and specifications.
  • Performs precision layout of timber frames for structural frames, decorative features, stair systems and other timber frame applications.
  • Fabricates, assembles and finishes timbers using shop equipment, portable hand and power tools.
  • Assures materials and products meet quality standards and job specifications
  • Erects timber frames.
  • Maintains shop environment, tools and equipment.
  • Inspects and maintains job materials and supplies as required for assigned tasks.
  • Performs site work including erection of timber frames, conventional rough carpentry tasks, and may perform finish carpentry tasks.
  • Supervises junior crew members and apprentices.
  • Provides on-the-job training to junior crew members and apprentices

The successful applicant will have experience as a timber framer and general carpentry.  Must have excellent knowledge of materials, shop equipment, techniques, tools and product.  Must also have the demonstrated ability to work well with numbers; read shop drawings and develop fabrication details.  Applicant should have familiarity with safe rigging and erection practices and overall safe work habits.  Applicant must be comfortable working with ladders, staging and at heights during erection.

We are seeking an individual with personal qualities that will complement our team.  Applicant must have a willingness to take direction and work well with others; ability and willingness to work independently; have a positive and cooperative attitude; and demonstrate personal integrity and sense of responsibility.

The primary work place for manufacturing and fabricating the timber frame product is located at 150 Mile House BC.  The successful applicant will be required to travel to other locations within the province of BC to assist with the assembly and finishing of timber frame structures at the customer's building sites. Some overnight stays may be required depending on the location of the project.

The successful applicant will also be responsible for assisting with supervising and training junior employees and apprentices and supervising a site crew during structure assemblies and finishing.


OT Timber Frames Ltd. is seeking an experienced Sawyer who is familiar with the operation of a Wood Mizer mill.  The successful applicant will have demonstrated ability to accurately saw logs to specifications with minimal waste, maximizing wood utilization; will take pride in their work and maintaining a clean and tidy mill area; have the ability to record and maintain inventories; and the ability to maintain the mill equipment by completing daily scheduled maintenance and periodic minor repairs.

The successful applicant must have a willingness to take direction and work well with others; ability and willingness to work independently; have a positive and cooperative attitude; and demonstrate personal integrity and sense of responsibility.

Under the direction of the head sawyer, the successful applicant will:

  • Operate front-end loaders and/or forklift to feed logs into the sawmill
  • Examine logs and rough lumber to determine size, condition, quality and other characteristics to decide best lumber cuts to carry out
  • Operate lumbermill equipment to saw logs into rough lumber; saw, trim and plane rough lumber into dressed lumber of various sizes
  • Start conveyor system to move logs and lumber to and from saws
  • Set up and adjust saw equipment and replace blades or bands using wrenches, gauges and other hand tools
  • Operate equipment to sort and stack lumber by length and thickness, move stacks to storage areas, and feed lumber through planers
  • Maintain sawmill equipment including cleaning and lubricating as required
  • Keep mill work area clean of debris
  • Keep log storage area organized with inventory of logs neatly stacked
  • Maintain cut lumber inventory storage areas in neat and organized manner

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