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With OT Timber Frames’ passion for creating with wood, combining old world joinery systems and techniques with current technology and sustainable building systems, we create masterful timber frame structures for our clients’ enjoyment that will last for generations to come.

Timber Frame Structures – Our Signature Product

OT Timber Frames’ signature product is our custom timber frame structures ranging from cozy cabins to intricate large commercial buildings.  Whether you are seeking a new home, outbuildings, or commercial structures such as restaurants and motels, OT Timber Frames team of skilled craftspeople are ready to meet your specifications. We manufacture and fabricate timbers for structural and aesthetic applications including all the required structural elements, vertical posts and horizontal beams, trusses and roof beams (purlins), and decorative accents with or without structural purposes. Our work is aesthetically pleasing showcasing geometric forms and interesting lines.  Our elegant and intricate joinery exudes warmth, majesty, and beauty.

Pre-fabricated Homes and Commercial Buildings

OT Timber Frames also offers the pre-manufacturing of both the timber frame structural components and the exterior framed wall elements of a structure, with the roof framed, sheeted, and waterproofed off-site, then shipped and assembled at your building site.  Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) wall systems are also available. Pre-fabrication allows for quick set-up of your project and protects your investment from the weather. Additional advantages of this system include minimal onsite building debris and no delays in bringing your build to dry-in for the client/general contractor to finish out the project, resulting in a secure building site in a short amount of time.

Hybrid Homes and Commercial Buildings

OT Timber Frames also offers you the ability to add timber frame components to a build, be it in the form of a hybrid home or framework in a commercial building.  Fitting in with the conventional framework of any structure, this is a cost effective way to add the beauty and visual appeal of a timber frame structure.  These timber frame components can be solely aesthetic as well as structural in nature, depending on your desire.

Timber Roof Systems

OT Timber Frames specializes in engineered timber roof systems.  These roof systems consist of posts, beams and purlins, maximizing structural integrity while showcasing the intricate joinery and aesthetic, artful appeal.

Custom Timber Stairs

OT Timber Frames is proud to fabricate timber stair and railing systems.  This solid and elegant option can be a unique and functional focal point of an entrance way or any other part of a structure.

Timber Accents

OT Timber Frames offers timber frame accents, allowing you the ability to add interesting timber features to your conventionally built structure.  These structural, functional, or purely ornamental features can be in the form of mantles, trusses, beam accents, entryways, counters, reception desks, and more.

Live Roofs

OT Timber Frames are able to offer Live Roof Systems as an option to those clients purchasing a Timber Frame Package. These systems are constructed to accommodate plant growth on the roof of a structure, adding good insulation value, water absorption and slower run off, as well as more green space.  Live Roofs are only available as part of a Timber Frame Package and are currently not available as a stand-alone product or service.

Passive Wall Build-up

OT Timber Frames offers pre-fabricated walls, using layers of materials to obtain optimum thermal breaks.  These wall panels are built up to 9 ½” to 12” thick, maximizing energy savings and providing an effective sound barrier.  Walls are fabricated offsite for quick assembly at the building site.

CAD Drawings

OT Timber Frames is proud to use state of the art technology in all of its projects and offers custom drawing (CAD) and design services using Dietrichs software.  These detailed drawings provide clients with 3D renderings, produces construction details and material take-offs, and can easily be transferred back and forth for project engineering.  Clients will get custom drawings to their own specifications with the ability to make changes with little delay.

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