Why Timber Frame?

When people ask “Why build a timber frame?” we provide the following reasons:

  • The beauty of natural wood – our timber frame homes and buildings are designed to emphasize the timber’s inherent strength and beauty maximizing the visual appeal of exposed wood and  natural timbers.
  • Environmentally friendly – our timber frame homes and buildings when finished with SIPs panels dramatically reduce both energy consumption and ongoing energy costs.
  • Minimal hardware – joinery is primarily handcrafted using mortise and tenon type construction. This method of cutting out the timbers and fitting them together then pegging them with  wooden pegs is much stronger and a more stable method than conventional framing or  conventional post and beam.
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  • Timber options – the size and species of timbers used in your timber frame home or building can be crafted to your specifications and engineering requirements. We also offer reclaimed wood for that rustic look, adding to the charm and appeal of your home.
  • Style flexibility – our unique building systems give you the options of choosing your own building style and customize your timber frame build, making it rustic or elegant, whatever the look you desire.
  • Less waste – Timbers are pre-cut and wall systems are pre-cut and assembled at our manufacturing facility, resulting in less waste at the building site and quick assembly of your  timber frame build. During the timber frame layout, our skilled craftsmen ensure maximum utilization of the entire piece of wood prior to cutting.
  • On-site installation – OT Timber Frames’ craftsmen are experts in assembling your timber frame and installing panels and frames, making your home construction efficient with care and  attention to details taken to ensure the highest level of quality.

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