Choose the Right Wood For Your Project

In considering the best wood for your project, OT Timber Frames is proud to build with the following species and guide you in your selection.

  • Douglas Fir:  This wood is great to work with and is used for structural components as it has a uniform texture and consistent grain.  It is long lasting and resistant to decay and can be used in all climates.  
  • Spruce: This hard, strong, and long lasting wood is ideal for providing contrast and is most often used for interior timber features. It has moderate shrinkage and is suitable for use in all climates.
  • Oak (white or red): This wood is heavy and strong and is used for structural components.  It has a coarse texture and a prominent grain. 
  • Cedar: This wood is used for oversized structural components and for decorative aesthetic pieces.  It is knotty, colourful, and aromatic.   
  • Reclaimed Fir: For that authentic aged look, this wood has been salvaged from old structures and is repurposed into new structures for aesthetic and rustic appeal.

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